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List of Documentaries and Videos to watch & Books to Read

Now I really want to share these documentaries with you. I don’t want to turn into this annoying, pushy holistic hippie; but simply watch some of these docus and YouTube videos below – and then decide for yourself.

101 Reasons to Go Vegan (short) – this one really opened my eyes and I still watch it regularly to remind me why I want to make these choices. I highly recommend you to watch this one!

Cowspiracy – watch it on Netflix

Glass Walls – Paul McCartney’s video for PETA.

Food Choices – watch it on Netflix

What the Health – watch it on Vimeo

Earthlings – Just. Watch. This. It’s horrible, you’ll cry, you want to turn it off – but please force yourself to watch this. It will open your eyes and world. Watch it for free on

Hungry for Change – watch it on Netflix

Fed Up – watch it on Netflix

Lucent – watch it on YouTube. This is about the dark side of the Australian pig farming industry.

Hidden camera footage – watch it on YouTube. This hidden camera footage distributed by Animal Rights Europe shows how the pigs at a slaughter house in Belgium are being treated.

Drop Dairy – watch it on Vimeo. The Australian dairy industry unveiled. Take the pledge to drop dairy and learn more at

Before The Flood – watch it for free on YouTube. Leonardo Dicaprio’s documentary about climate change.

Blackfish – watch it on YouTube (for $3,99) or on Netflix.

Mr & Mrs Vegan – watch this video on YouTube about a newly published Broad Study on Whole Food Plant Based Vegan diet


Upcoming documentaries

Eating Our Way to Extinction

Eating You Alive

The End of Meat

A list of other documentaries & videos worth watching

Chef’s Table – watch it on Netflix. Season 3 episode 1: Jeong Kwan. Following the daily life of the Buddhist monk/nun, Jeong Kwan, as she lovingly prepares vegan “temple food”, using ages old recipes and natural ingredients.

Chef’s Table France – watch it on Netflix. Season 1 episode 1: Alain Passard. This legendary chef rocked the culinary world when he rebooted his three-Michelin star Paris restaurant to focus on vegetables, not meat.

Food, Inc.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (1 and 2)


Forks over Knives



Books to read

Skinny Bitch (don’t let the title turn you off!) – this book explains the way animal products affect our bodies in a very humouristic and realistic way.

Taking Charge of your Fertility

The China Study

The Mind-Gut Connection