Bumbi Bali Bowl

Ehmm you didn’t think I would leave you hanging there would I? After posting all the delicious Balinese/Indonesian recipes for the Bumbu Paste, Sayur Urab, Acar Timun, Pisang Goreng en Bumbu Tempeh Goreng you MUST be hanging for this tasty Bumbu Bali Bowl.

I can tell you, it’s that simple as making (some of) the dishes above, and mix them together into a bowl! Hence why there is no recipe added here, simply click on how to make the Bumbu Paste. Once you’ve made this, go to the Bumbu Tempeh Gorengย recipe and fry the tempeh with the paste for 5 min. In the meanwhile, cut and wash your green beans to fry them after the tempeh and make your Sayur Urab. Serve this on a bed of rice and you already have a delicious meal, or if you want to take it even further add the Sour Cucumber Salad and/or Banana Fritters. Add a dollop of satay to finish it off.

You can thank me later!

Find more delicious lunch bowls here.ย 

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