Cococarrot balls

Perfect pre-workout snack or to energise you on a sluggish afternoon…

makes: 10 balls
prep time: 5 min
cook time: 5 min
total time: 10 min


  • 7 soaked dates
  • 100g amaranth flakes
  • 50g shredded coconut
  • 5ml of coconut nectar, agave syrup or honey (vegetarian option)
  • splash of water
  • 2 big scoops of vegan protein powder
  • pinch of ground nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger
  • Shredded coconut


Remove the pits from the dates and put all ingredients in a food processor.

Add some shredded coconut to a bowl. Grab about 1 tablespoon of the mixture and make into a ball. Roll this through the shredded coconut.
Put in the fridge or freezer, or enjoy immediately.

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