Day on a Plate – Winter

Hey there! I thought it might be fun to share a Day on a Plate: Winter edition. During the seasons we tend to eat different dishes, like warm, hearty foods during winter and light, fresh salads in summer. That’s why I’ve decided to create days on a plate for every season.

So what do I eat during winter?

Even though Australian winters aren’t as long, cold and harsh as the European winters I am used to, I do crave warm and nourishing foods and hot drinks. My weekday meals are pretty routine, as I work full-time and prep what I eat for the week.

07.00am Warm water with a shot of organic, raw apple cider vinegar
07.30am Long black coffee, without milk or sugar
09.00am Overnight protein oats topped with fresh berries, nuts and mixed with either cinnamon or cacao powder
10.00am Morning tea: Vata tea (blend of licorice, ginger, cardamon and cinnamon)
11.00am Two thin rice or corn cakes with peanut or almond butter
12.30pm Re-heated leftovers from yesterday’s dinner, soup with toasted bread, and I treat myself to a take-out lunch once a week. My favourite at the moment are the quinoa fritters from Wholefood Merchants which is served with a salad.
14.00pm Afternoon tea: Matcha green tea for some extra energy
16.00pm Slice of banana bread
17.00pm On gym days, I might have protein powder mixed with water, but only if I feel sluggish and a bit hungry. Listen to your body!
19.00pm Stir fry with lots of vegies, tofu and brown rice, pasta or sweet potato fries with sliders
20.00pm Piece of dark chocolate and chamomile tea

Stay tuned for the Day on a Plate: Spring edition!

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